Predator 228 by Wismec Review

Here are my thoughts on the Predator 228 by Wismec which I tested now for a couple of days.

I received this product by Heavengifts to take a closer look and share my opinion about it.

My guess is, that the Predator is Wismec’s answer to the Alien by Smok. 😀

Alien vs Predator!

Unfortunately I don’t have the Alien and I also never used it.

But I will tell you my experience with the Predator 🙂

Normally this could be 2 reviews one for the Predator 228 Boxmod and one for the Elebo Tank.

But since they are sold as a Kit I will review them together.


The Kit includes the Predator 228, the Elebo with 2 coils, a instruction for each and a charging cable.

The 2 18650 batteries you need are not included in the kit!

Optic and build quality

Predator 228

The build quality is, like we are used from Wismec, pretty good. 🙂

The Design of the Mod was made in collaboration with Sinous Design, which turned out to be a awesome idea.

I love the way how the Predator 228 is fired, by squeezing the side of the Mod in.

No more worries to find the fire button. Just take it in the hand press it and enjoy the vape.

I already saw this on other Mods, but this is the first i used myself and i love it.

The size of the Mod is also perfect to hold it in your hand and to fit in any pocket.

The rose gold color I got, looks awesome and the matte finish is really beautiful!

For me in this price range one of the best looking mods.


So this Kit comes together with the Elabo tank which for starters is awesome since they don’t have to go trough the struggle of choosing a tank.

The design is simple. It would have been awesome if the tank had the same color as the mod, but I guess it would have increased the price significantly.

There are 2 things I loved about the tank. Firstly the airflow-control which has a start and a end point and doesn’t rotate all the way.

Secondly the awesome top filling system, which you just pop to the side when you take the drip tip off.

But there is a catch, the included driptip which has a metal coating at the mouthpiece, but is made of plastic, sits so tight in the tank that it took me quite some force to get it out.

I didn’t even put it in any more and just used one of my metal 510 driptips with O-rings which fit perfect in the Elabo.

So if Wismec could include a full metal or resin drip tip with O-rings that would be much better.

Maybe it was just my version who has this problem, but I still would prefer a drip tip with O-Rings since they also hold the top fill cap in place.

Something else to consider is, that you can’t take the tank fully apart.

This is all criticism on a high level, since most entry level tanks and mods also can’t be disassembled completely.

So let us note, the Elabo is a very good entry level tank which make starters happy.

Use and Taste

The Predator 228 has the same Chip as the Wismec RX 300 with all his TC (temperature control) options and other gimmicks.

But it only goes to 228 watt like the name suggests. For 95% of all Vapers this should be more than enough power. 😀

I never use TC and always go with Wattage-Mode.

And I must say it fires as great as my DNA200 or yihi sx350 v2.

My old Wismec Rx 200 can’t keep up with that even it has 3 batteries.

Awesome performance. Lets no wishes open.



The Elabo has no option for self made coils.

So you need to use the Coils Wismec ships and sells for the Elabo.

I must say I was very impressed with the flavor and the vape production of the Coils.

The Triple 0.2 ohm coil goes from 40-120 Watt. I used it around the 60-70 Watt range and was totally satisfied.

With the option to close the Airflow step-less and use the coil with low wattage, this tank is also a great way to switch from smoking to vaping.

Without a huge liquid consumption or getting a nicotine flash. 😀


This kit is an awesome starter Kit for people who want a future proof start into the world of vaping.

The Predator 228 Mod is a great looking piece of hardware which can mount tanks till 28mm of diameter.

It sits perfect in the hand and the fire mechanism is one of the best I have ever used.

Sinous designs and Wismec really created a great product.

Yeah and than there is the Elabo…

It feels like the Elabo is a pack filler if you know what I mean.

Like the metal wheels on a car… useful but everybody wants the designer rims. 😀

An other examples are the Kit-lenses of Nikon and Canon starter-kits. You can take pictures with them, but to exploit the full potential of the Camera you need a better lens.

Same applies to the Predator 228 Kit.

The Mod is fantastic and the tank is a nice pack filler, so you can use the mod straight out of the package.

But if you want to step your game up, you will get a new tank soon. 🙂

After I tested the Elabo for 2-3 Days my RDA of choice for the Predator 228 was the Medusa by Geek Vape.

It just fits perfect and looks awesome.

So I definitely can recommend the Predator 228 Mod and the Kit also.

Specially for starters with ambition to go deeper into the vaping world.

Where to get it:

Maybe in your favorite vape shop.

Or you help me out and order it HERE:

Heavengifts gave me this promo code so my Wild Vaper get 15% off:



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