Can Vaping change the world?

Can vaping change the world?

This is a pretty big question…

But I often think about the influence of vaping in our society.

Smoking is one of the main causes of death.

Imagine we never had discovered tobacco and never commercialized it so much.

How many people would have lived 5-10-25 or more years longer?

Did tobacco bring any benefits to our society? ­čśÇ

I can’t think of any… maybe it helped get some people in touch, when they were smoking outside or in the smoking area… ­čśÇ

So in my eyes tobacco is just an addictive product which made big companies and the governments all over the world very rich. ­čśÇ

Here in Germany┬ácities have the right to forbid diesel cars to enter… because of the pollution and the health of the citizens…

But the government never tried to forbid Tobacco… Why? because of the 70-80 Tax and Billions, they get each year…

So now back to the big question…

Can vaping change the world?

Yes it can!

Vaping is the main reason, many people stopped consuming tobacco and finally found an alternative or after some time even could quit smoking and vaping.

It is bringing so many people quality of life back…

Imagine how many people may see their grandchildren growing up instead of dying early.

This alone tells me that vaping is already changing the world in a positive┬áway…

In the future vaping devices also can replace pills and you simply can inhale the medicine. (A much faster way to get the medicine into your system)

Vaping may not be the reinvention of the wheel or the new cure for cancer…

but it sure has a positive impact on our world and at least helps to reduce the number of people dying of lung cancer or other smoking-related causes.

So… YES vaping is changing the world.

Be a part of it and f#ck tobacco. ­čÖé

Take care and wild wild vape


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