ECO12 by Cigpet Review

Welcome to my thoughts about the Eco12 by Cigpet.

When it comes to going out and vape on the go, for me the best choice still is a RTA.

No need to constantly drip and get your hands ”juicy” by pulling the topcap off. 😀

The last tank I really used often was the Griffin 25 plus by Geek Vape, which is a Tank you need to wick yourself.

The last tank I used with buyable coils was the Smok TFV4.

Heavengifts and Cigpet hooked me up with the black and the rainbow Version of the Eco12.

So lets see if the Eco12 by Cigpet is a worthy replacement for the Griffin 25 plus 🙂


The Eco12 comes with 2 replaceable coils, an extra glass,  extra O-Rings and a 510 drip tip adapter.

Optic and build quality


I really like the proportions of the Eco12.

When you hear 28mm you first think of a BEAST of a tank. 😀

And he is….

But the reduced top and bottom part (25mm) give him a slimmer look and make him fit many boxmods without hanging over.

We can’t speak about optics without mentioning the colorful resin drip tip.

I love them! They give your tank a unique look.

Since every piece is unique, for me it’s like a trading card game. 😀

If you got a green and your friend a blue one you can go and trade if each of you prefer the other color.

That was what I did with the drip tips on my two Eco12 I switched them because I thought the greenish one looked much better on the rainbow version.

But its totally up to you how to combine your tank and drip tip if you have various ones. 🙂

There is not much to say about the build quality,  the threads are smooth as hell and the surface finishes also look great.

I love the rainbow version. It just looks soooo damn good in the sun. 😀

Only trouble I had: One of the coils didn’t want to go into the tank 😀 Maybe the thread of the coil was damaged.

Build and taste


So about the RTA Deck I can’t say much, because Heavengifts and Cigpet booth forgot to send me one. 😀

Ok I get it.. they want to sell the replaceable coils. 😉

But for you people who need/want a RTA-Deck there is one which you need to buy separate.

It is the same build deck as in the Eco RDA (review HERE).

There are 5 different coils you can buy for the Eco12.

The good news is they are all 100% compatible with the TFV12 by Smok.

From the 5 coils, there are 2 included in the box.

– ECO-Q4 Coil o.15 ohm  (60-180watt) (right)

– ECO-T12 Coil 0.12 ohm (60-350 watt) (left)

We know similar values from Smok… but we all know this is more like a d*ck comparison, than reality. 😀

The T12 Coil (yes it has 6×2 = 12 Coils 😀 ) I vaped at 120 watt and could go up to 200 watt.

Everything above was getting too hot and not interesting for me.

So at 120 watt I was getting some good flavor for a pre-build coil.

And YES this tank/coil blows some HUGE clouds if you want. 😀

But it also gets pretty hot, sucks the life out of your batteries really quick and eats juice like a 63 AMG. 😀

The ECO-Q4 Coil I vaped with 50-60 watts which is much more economical.

Sure its not the single-, flavor build-, ”bring me with 10ml juice over the week”- coil. 😀

But I really enjoyed using this coil and my liquid tasted as good as in a dripper.

The airflow is awesome, almost full open draw and the drawing sound is very pleasant. 🙂


Like in every area there is always some d*ck measuring contests going on.

And the Eco12 by Cigpet is one of the big d*ck swingers in the lobby. 😀

I get so many questions of people asking me:

”How do I blow the biggest clouds?”

”What is the build I can vape at 300 Watt?”

Best question was:

”Which tank makes big clouds but consumes few liquid.” 😀



So the word eco is not the right term to use for the Eco12 by Cigpet. Ok maybe if it comes to the price (33,90$). 😉

But the ECO12 is hungry for energy and Liquid and it needs to be feed.

Many people underestimate that and than wonder how fast their liquid bottle finishes.

So if you want a sexy looking tank, which produces huge clouds and you don’t give a f*ck about buying liquid.

The Eco12 is perfect for you. 🙂

In my case the Eco12 will definitely replace the Griffin 25 plus as the To-Go RTA because…

I don’t care how much liquid it eats. And it looks damn good. 😉 😀

Where to get it:

Maybe in your favorite vape shop.

Or you help me out and order it HERE:

Heavengifts gave me this promo code so my Wild Vaper get 15% off:


Hope you liked my opinion on the Cigpet ECO12 RDA 🙂

See you soon for the next review or post about the vaping world 🙂


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