Medusa by Geek Vape Review

Welcome to the first review on my blog

Heavengifts was so kind to hook me up with this RDTA called Medusa by Geek Vape.

There is no doubt that RDAs (rebuildable drip atomizer) have a better taste than RTAs (rebuildable tank atomizer).

So why not combine the best of booth worlds and take a RDTA (rebuildable drip tank atomizer). šŸ˜€

Like the name would indicateĀ it is a RDA but with a 3ml tank under the build deck.

To be fair it is not really a tank, it is more like a 3ml reservoir. But RDRA wouldn’t sound that great, or? šŸ˜€

I always was the ”tank-guy”. A tank shouldĀ last me the whole day. No worries about a dryhits…

But at home I learned to love my ”So Horney” RDA which I mainly use to test Liquids.

So the last days I only used the Medusa RDTA by Geek Vape.

Here are my thoughts:


Contains the Medusa RDTA, some spareĀ o-rings and screws, the user manual and the tool for the post screws.


Optic and build quality


I really like the black coating on the Medusa. It seams to be very resistantĀ to scratches.

The engravingĀ gives the Medusa a very worthy look.

What I don’t like is the brownish ultem top cap/tip. A black cap would lookĀ much better in my opinion.

However… One does not argue about taste…

I couldn’t find any replacement top caps for the Medusa. But since you can screw it off, there might be coming some in the future.

You actually can vape through that ultem top cap.

If you don’t like to be that close to theĀ Coil you sure can pop on a 510 Driptip and increase the distance.

Without a driptip you definitely need to use liquids without water, or the splashes will make you go crazy.

Everything is build very good and fits great. Geek Vape simply knows how to build well.

Build and taste


The Medusa has a Velocity-style deck which is perfect for a dual coil build.

A single coil build is unfortunately not possible since you can’t keep only one air hole open.

But lets be honest… who uses a dripper to save battery life or liquid? šŸ˜›

So i build a dual Clapton with 0.77 Ohm on it and testedĀ the sh*t out of the Medusa. šŸ˜€

The taste was very good and clean. I expected nothing elseĀ from this build.

The airflow is nice but even fully open definitelyĀ no open draw.

With a 510 Driptip on top the draw isĀ even tighter.

I usually vape at 50-80 watts and for my vape style this air draftĀ is perfect.

(If you get too much air you looseĀ flavor)

But if you like to vape with 200-300 Watts the Medusa maybe will not give you the air you need šŸ˜€


If you are the flavor-1-3-secound-draw kind of vaper Ā the Medusa will definitely make you happy.

It is easy to build easy to drip, no worries about over-dripping and if you want, you can fill in 3ml of juice to have some hours of dripping free pleasure. šŸ˜€

(Only would use the ”tank” at home since i don’t trust Ā the tank to be leak free when tilted šŸ˜€ )

Aesthetically I would change theĀ ultem top cap and give it a bigger Drip-tip so you don’t need to use a external 510 one.

I get it… they wanted to keep a low profile on the RDTA, which looks pleasing, but who wants a 1mm thin phone with only an hour of battery life? šŸ˜€

But who am I to talk about usability, since I’m the first to sacrifice usability for a good look. :DDDD

Geek Vape! Change the ultem topĀ and you have a awesome looking and goodĀ tasting dripper.

Medusa on a Wismec 200 with the driptip of my Merlin Mini RTA

Where to get it:

Maybe in your Vape shop…

Or order it HEREĀ and let it be delivered to you. šŸ™‚

With the code ”WWV15” you will get 15% off on your order at Heavengifts. šŸ™‚


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