My Story: How did I stop to smoke?!

I guess for many of you Wild Vapers visiting my Blog it is interesting to know how I got on the bright side of vaping. 😀

So here is my story:

6 Years ago I was laying in bed and watching youtube videos when i came across a video about electronic cigarettes. First I was skeptical and thought: ”what kind of crap is that”. 😀

But after some minutes i got curious and started researching about this new product.

I didn’t found much information because vaping back then was a very small market and pretty unknown.

But I found a Forum where people told their experiences and they all sounded pretty happy about finally quitting to smoke and the major reason was the E-cigarette.

I also found some videos that demonstrated the difference between smoke and vape. One of the videos showed how they filtered a normal cigarette through a napkin and a electronic cigarette aswell.

The result blew my mind the napkin with the normal cigarette was almost yellow/black and the napkin with the vape only was a bit moist.

So my curiosity was even bigger after reading and seeing all that.

So I started searching for a shop in my town and I only find one shop, that was in the industrial zone of my city.

When I arrived there I felt like I was buying something illegal. 😀

But the ”dealer” ( 😀 ) told me that he needed to have his shop there because the interest in E-Cigerettes wasn’t that big that he could maintain a shop in the city center.

After trying out an e-cig, I walked out of his office with a big smile 2 Ego-T, 2 Liquids (Vanilla and Tobacco flavor) and 120€ less.

Yeah back then the prices were crazy!

So all you new vapers can be really happy that the Vape market got so big over the last years and that you can get good beginner vapes for 20-30€. 🙂

The tobacco flavor wasn’t bad, but it was the vanilla Liquid which made me fall in love with the vape.

And the most important was that the whole day i didn’t smoked a single cigarette and I didn’t even felt the need to light one up.

Since then I was a non smoker and rarely smoked a cigarette just to remember how shitty it was. 😀

I was so convinced that the vape is the best helper to quit smoking that  I spend a couple of hundred € in new vape stuff over the next months.

I started with the shittiest pre made coils you can imagine and quickly got into the world of building and wicking your own coils.

But the most suprising was that I felt healthier after some weeks of vaping instead of smoking…

– I had no more shortness of breath doing sport

– Food tested better again :O

– I didn’t had that smoker smell on me anymore… (still today I hat it to sit beside a smoker after he just smoked :O)

– after some months I reduced the nicotine in my liquids to 0% and I official was addiction free and only vape now for fun and flavor 🙂

 Till now I tested so many liquids, coils, RDAs, RTAs, Cotton and other vape stuff…

What i try to do now, is to share my experience with you and my goal is, that one day there are no more conventional cigarettes 🙂

So Wild Vapers I hope you understood my english and liked my little story

See you next post and always a good vape 😉


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