How bad and dangerous is vaping?

For me, this is one of the most important topics to speak about.

I  get so many messages every day asking if Vaping is bad…

”Can I get cancer from vaping?”

”Vaping has to be worst because there is more ”smoke”!”

”Is vaping the same as a Hookah?”

and so on…

I can’t reply to all and a single answer often doesn’t deal justice and leads to many follow up questions.

So I decided to dedicate my first blog post to this question and topic:

How bad is Vaping?!

Everything new that appears opens a lack of knowledge. Research has to be done and experience has to be collected.

Same applies to vaping. So when the first electronic cigarettes appeared, on paper and visible tests like the napkin test the E-Cig looked much less harmful.

Which over the first years dragged many people from the dark smoker to the bright vaper site. 😀

One day so many people had switched that the tobacco industries and also the Governments started to feel a decrease in Income and Taxes.

So booth sends out their best Sherlocks to find the ”bad wolf” responsible for their losses.

There was not much research needed to find the vaping industry as the cause.

That was the start of the big fight we are still fighting today.

(But this I will discuss in more detail in one of the next blog posts.)  

Many questions (some of them justified) but also many rumors started to hover of the vape industry.

All the Vaper I know till then were happy and felt better since the switch to vaping, so for me, it was clear that vaping was way better than smoking.

But negative rumors and bad news are like a virus. Once started, it’s very hard to control or even manage them.

The biggest rumors:

”Nicotine causes cancer!”

Nicotine is proven to be as harmful as caffeine. It can make you addicted but it is not a carcinogen that causes cancer.

”Vaping causes Popcorn Lung!”

This rumor was one of the worst tries to talk bad about vaping. Popcorn Lung ( Bronchiolitis Obliterans) is caused by a substance called Diacetyl, which is found in artificial butter flavorings also used to produce popcorn.

And in some fabrics where this chemical was used some workers got this disease called popcorn lung.

So a research found out that 39 out of 51 tested custard based flavors contained Diacetyl.

Now comes the twist… the amount found was so small und irrelevant that even a normal smokers inhale 750 times more Diacetyl than people who vape custard flavors.

And you never heard cigarettes causing popcorn lung, did you? 😀

”Electronic Cigarettes are explosive devices!” 

Backed by many videos that popped up on the internet and got shared on every single news channel possible.

People got the idea that Vape devices are military technology and only for war use. 😀 😛

Yes, these videos are real…. BUT… the cause of the accidents is an unsafe use of the batteries.

The power source of an E-cig is the same as in every Mobil-phone or Laptop. These batteries are very powerful and store a lot of energy…

When such a power source is not handled correctly and in the worst case shorten, they discharge their stored energy in a few seconds which can lead to an explosion.

So all incidents could be explained by the use of cheap and unsafe batteries or the wrong use or storage.

Used correctly a Vape is as safe as a smartphone.

”Vaping is inhaling toxic chemicals!”

The Liquid used in E-cigs to produce the tape is made out of 4 different ingredients.

VG (Vegetable Glycerin)

PG (Propylene Glycol)



PG and VG are used in the Food and Cosmetic Industry and they are not known to be toxic or carcinogen. Those are the same substances used to produce the vape in clubs and movies. 🙂

The flavors used are the same you can find in the food industry to give food and drinks their taste. Also not known to be toxic and approved by the government.

”E-cigs produce smoke as well!”

The biggest misunderstanding about E-cigs is that, different to the conventional cigarette, nothing is burned in the E-cig.

The Vape is generated by heating up the Liquid so that it vaporizes.

The best way to visualize it is to imagine you are burning paper (conventional cigarette) vs heating up water until it vaporizes (electronic cigarette).

Now decide for yourself, which result is the safer to inhale. 🙂

Any new rumors or questions will be added to this list.

But all the latest serious researches I read about the danger of vaping came to the conclusion that vaping is 95% less harmful/dangerous/bad as smoking conventional cigarettes.

Sure, the best is to just inhale fresh air. But I’m not addressing non smokers.

I want to show smokers a safer why to get their nicotin dose and if they wish even get off that addiction without the withdrawal phenomenas.

So don’t let the media, backed by the tobacco and pharma lobby, brainwash you with fake news. 😀

I hope I could answer some of your questions or clarify uncertainties.

If you have questions or wishes for next topic or blog post please share them in the comments or write me a message.

Stay on the bright side Wild Vapers and vape on 🙂


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8 thoughts on “How bad and dangerous is vaping?

    1. Dada,

      You had a typo and kind of missed it. It’s ”Vaping causes Popcorn Lunge!” There’s an ‘e’ in the “lung”. It should not be there.

      I enjoyed your post and will follow you for more.


  1. This was wonderful, excellent Information every cigarette smoker trying to transition into vaping should read this. I explain half this stuff to customers everyday!

  2. this is an awesome way to explain and tell everybody how safe vaping is bro 👍👍,..i hope its clear to everyone who doubt vaping is not safe,..


  3. Cigarettes went in the bin 3 years ago. Recently seeing my vape gear, a medical assessor wrote “Smoker”. She denied every explanation that it creates vapour, not smoke. Clearly, the General Public is very ignorant of the differences and vaping’s many benefits over cigarettes. How do we change that?

    1. I try to change it with my blog and my facebook page. I’m writing on a post called ”Why does vaping has so many enemies?” I maybe release it today or tomorrow. Stay tuned 🙂

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