Hello Wild Vapers!

After my first blog with several thousand  reader a month got shut down due to server issues, I wanted to create a new one but this time in english so that almost all of my Wild Vapers could read and understand it. (My first Blog was in German only)

I’m aware of that my english is not as good as my german specially when it comes to writing. I hope you can cope with this!


But I will try my best to write clearly and make as few errors as possible, of course you are welcome to correct me when you see some major mistakes.

So a little FAQ about me:

When did you start vaping?

I started to vape 5-6 year ago with a Ego-T. 😀

Why did I start a Blog?

One friend of mine came up with the idea. He knew how convinced i was about the power of vape to get people off smoking. So he told me that I should start a blog about vaping, tell my story and give the people advice.

How did your Facebook page got so big?

I still remember when i had to bag for each like on my Facebook page or picture and video I posted.

After I had the first 500-1000 likes I thought of content that people would like to share and show there friends.

What I saw on Facebook is that people love to post about famous persons. So I started to search for pictures of Hollywood stars that vape and posting them.

But the big break through was a Video I posted in which Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy where vaping. This video got shared so much that I got almost 10.000Likes over night. The rest was just entertaining people with cool vape stuff. 🙂

What is your main Vape Setup?

At the moment I have 2 main b*tches :D. First is a combo made in the Philippines. The ”So Horney” RDA with the Minotaur BoxMod. This combination I mainly use at home and to test different flavors. For the Go I usually use the StuttArt Bodycurve DNA 200 with a Tank on it like the Taifun GT Air for example 🙂

What is your massage?

I’m trying to show the smokers an alternativ to smoking that even can make them completely nicotine free.

I also want to show that vaping is way cooler than smoking. 😉

What are your plans with the blog?

I definitely want to spread the word os vape and grow every day.

And content wise I will make reviews, tell stories and give tips not only for beginner but als for advanced users.

I hope you understand the first lines I wrote on this new Blog and that you will come back for more. 😀

Have a good day and always Wild Wild Vape 🙂




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